G. K. Chesterton said in his essay titled “On Essays“:

“There is no better reading in the world than some contemporary essays, like those of Mr. E. V. Lucas or Mr. Robert Lynd.”

Robert Lynd was an Irish essayist who was able to speak Irish fluently as well. Queen’s University, Belfast, awarded Lynd an honorary literary doctorate in 1947. Among his other awards were the silver medal of the Royal Society of Literature (1928) and The Sunday Times Gold Medal for Belles Lettres (1932).

The purpose of this Blog is to post essays and articles by Robert Wilson Lynd that you will not find in his published books.

Robert Lynd published 30 books during his lifetime. Many of them were selections of essays he wrote for different newspapers and magazines. Unfortunately, many good, very good and sublime essays were not published in his books. That’s why we are here: To post as much as possible of his uncollected essays.

There is another Robert Lynd: Robert Straughton Lynd, who was an American Sociologist. This blog is about the Irish essayist and literary reviewer Robert Wilson Lynd, also known as YY.

Robert Lynd’s writings are also a great resource for ESL students. Practice your English through reading Robert Lynd.

Read G. K. Chesterton’s essay titled “On Essays“:


More on Robert Lynd:


  1. Hi I was looking for ‘In Praise of Mistakes’ by Lynd. I can’t seem to find it anywhere please can you help. It’s not In praise of courage or temperance. Please.

  2. The Religious Background of Literature AKA Why Literature Declines

  3. I’m looking for the text of “on forgetting” by Robert Lynd. Can u help me find it.

  4. Sophia Chauhan · · Reply

    Can you please tell me about the writing style of Robert Lynd I am not able to find any suitable content on this anywhere

  5. I was looking for “The disappointed man” by lynd and “Arguing” by lynd

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