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Nov 1, 1913 THE LEVITES SOMEONE, we believe, has divided the human race into three sexes—men, women, and clergymen. The great ages of the world have been those in which the men and women regarded the clergymen with suspicion. The gloomy ages of the world have been those in which they bowed down and worshipped […]


Oct 11, 1913 THE IMPORTANCE OF BAD MANNERS IT has been the custom for many years—probably ever since the grandchildren of Adam captured their first slave—to deplore the increasingly bad manners of the “lower classes.” During the past week a lady has published a book in which she describes the horrid effects which residence in […]


 Oct 25, 1919 THE DEVIL THOSE who suffer from melancholy to such a degree that even to go to a music-hall seems a cheerful experience may easily find themselves one of these nights listening in the heart of London to a chorus in praise of the Devil. The chorus runs something like this: Give the […]


           May 13, 1922 IN DEFENCE “THE BEGGAR’S OPERA,” said Mr. Maurice Hewlett in the Times the other day, “is a decadent night’s entertainment, spiced for jaded appetites, like devilled bones after a revel.” It is strange how deeply one resents such a criticism. It is a criticism it might have […]


Nov 22, 1919 THE MORALS OF GAMBLING     IT is an unfortunate fact that the moralists almost always rush in to denounce the wrong thing, or—to put it less ambiguously—that they almost always denounce things on the wrong grounds. What innocent pleasure is there that they have not made war on in the past? They […]


Daily News (Perth) – 11 July 1923 QUEER CURES  Many people declare that the belief in magic has been reviving in the last few years. They even tell us that M. Coue’s quite commonsense formula for auto-suggestion is a return to the age of superstition. It would be nearer the truth to say that it […]

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Timaru Herald , Issue 171, 22 May 1920