On Lynd

A couple of clippings with opinions and information on Robert Lynd:



The Catholic Press – 18 Oct 1923

On Lynd

The Register – November 15 1924



The Mail – 19 December 1931

Essays By Lucas

The Courier-Mail – 2 Feb 1935

Bob Lynd

The Age – Jan 28, 1938

The Age - Jan 28, 1938

The West Australian – 15 Oct 1949

A Modern Elia Who Loved Mankind

A Modern Elia Who Loved Mankind

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix – Oct 29, 1949

On Robert Lynd By H. M. Tomlinson


The Age – Oct 14, 1949


I.M. on Lynd

Ottawa Citizen – Nov 21, 1949

Ottawa Citizen - Nov 21, 1949

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix – Sep 13, 1952

Too Late For Lynd

Ian Mackay

Robert Lynd, A Critic With a Difference

J. B. Priestley


JOHN O’ LONDON’S WEEKLY. August 19, 1922.
The Wisdom of Robert Lynd

R. Ellis Roberts on Lynd:


Brander Matthews on Lynd:


Rose Macaulay on Lynd:

“He was a bohemian man of letters, in the old sense: his good fellowship, his companionable hospitality, his witty, kindly, derisive view of life and humanity, his deep appreciation of what was good in literature, set him in an old tradition.”

Chesterton on Lynd:

“There is no better reading in the world than some contemporary essays, like those of Mr. E. V. Lucas or Mr. Robert Lynd.” ON ESSAYS

“Nobody in the world, I imagine, gets more good than I do out of good essays like those of Mr. Max Beerbohm or Mr. E. V. Lucas or Mr. Robert Lynd.” G.K.’s AN APOLOGY FOR BUFFOONS

“For instance, there is no finer or more penetrating literary critic than Mr. Robert Lynd, especially when the literary critic is really criticising literature.” MONSTERS AND THE MONSTER CALLED MAN

“I find myself in agreement with Mr. Robert Lynd for his most just remark in connection with the Malatesta case, that the police are becoming a peril to society.” THE CHARTERED LIBERTINE

“Robert Lynd, in his recent and brilliant book of essays, writes in far too generous a fashion about the literary accomplishment, and differs in the main merely with theoretical aim.” Illustrated London News, 1917-1919, page 508

“The brilliant essayist, Mr. Robert Lynd, is always entertaining to read because he always says what is in his mind at the moment, and always manages to do it gracefully and amusingly. He saunters through his essays, talking charmingly over his shoulder, and getting in some sharp digs every now and then without appearing to, without exerting himself. Taking the personal quality of the essay as his basis, he makes it the whole strength of his work. His essays are so easily written because they seem careless—till you look into them.” L. A. G. Strong, WRITING AN ESSAY, from the book English for Pleasure.


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