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Feb 21, 1914 LUCK THE man we were talking to made no attempt to deny that it was most absurd that a law should be in force which could award (we do not, of course, prejudge the result of the appeal) £13,000 to a “common informer,” who had not informed anybody of anything they did […]

WRITING LETTERS by robert lynd

New Statesman – Apr 12,1919 WRITING LETTERS     It was announced during the week that Mr. J. M. Hogge, M.P., answers some 2,000 letters a week. His record is said to be 807 letters in three hours. Those of us who find it difficult to answer even one letter a day cannot but envy such […]


New Statesman – December 6, 1919 WHAT’S WRONG WITH IRELAND?     IF anybody has any doubt as to whether Ireland is a nation, he need only look round and see the number of books that are written about it. These books are not, for the most part, about beauty-spots or openings for capital. They are […]


The Catholic Press – 10 June 1926 FRANCIS BACON: Died 1626.     It is 300 years since Bacon died in the shadow of disgrace, and we cannot yet agree even as to whether he was the wisest or the meanest of mankind, or whether (as Pope thought) he was both at the same time. Modern […]

listening to speeches

Auckland Star – 8 October 1925 LISTENING TO SPEECHES

Poets as Patriots

Poets as Patriots By ROBERT LYND   Essay: Poets as Patriots (PDF)

Grass-fed Humanity Forecast

The Leader-Post – Nov 5, 1948 Grass-fed Humanity Forecast     The papers have lately, it seems to me, been even fuller of good news than usual.     It was heartening to read the other day, for example, that a man had discovered how to live without bothering about rationed food. He never makes use of […]