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Burton, Lewis, Carryl



Daily News (Perth) – 11 July 1923 QUEER CURES  Many people declare that the belief in magic has been reviving in the last few years. They even tell us that M. Coue’s quite commonsense formula for auto-suggestion is a return to the age of superstition. It would be nearer the truth to say that it […]

COURAGE AT TABLE / robert lynd

The Daily News – 3 September 1926 COURAGE AT TABLE     Nearly every friend I have is notorious for eating too little. One man is afraid of soup. Another leaves the salmon untasted. A third regards potatoes as a poison. A fourth has been warned against tomatoes. Others dare not eat sweet things for fear […]

Nutrition Poems

Nutrition Songs, Poems and Finger Plays http://www.childfun.com/index.php/activity-themes/food/219-nutrition-activity-theme.html#sthash.gJyWfjDG.dpbs A Paleo Poem http://paleoatpenn.blogspot.com/2012/04/paleo-poem.html The Paleo Nutrition Poem http://board.crossfit.com/showthread.php?t=67504 Ode to Real Food http://paleonick.com/articles/Paleo-Poem Nutrition Poem http://www.emsb.qc.ca/nutrition-caf/pdf/Willingdon%20Class%20-%20Grade%203%204.pdf Roses are red, violets are blue. We all like nutritious foods, because they are good for you. Carrots, apples, milk and more. A FAT MAN’S PRAYER by Victor Buono Lord, my soul is ripped with […]

Why Tall Men Are So Modest/Robert Lynd.

Montreal Gazette – Jul 24, 1943 Why Tall Men Are So Modest By ROBERT LYND     Lord Geddes, speaking in the House of Lords this week, uttered what seemed to toe a well-timed warning against regarding a growth in inches as a sign of good health. Referring to the taller young people of the present […]

Humour and Accident: Laughter Analysed


Cairns Post – 14 October 1939 OVEREATING IS TREASON This is becoming a hard world for the man with a healthy appetite. In the old days most people used to like to see a man enjoying his food, and second helpings were pressed even on reluctant children at table. Victorian aunts would say to their […]