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A PUBLIC SERVANT by R. J. P. HEWISON Of erudition full, with due degrees, He wore his learning with conspicuous case; And, that no hint of don in him he found, Pressed both feet firmly on pragmatic ground. Pest-master of the bureaucratic craft— The minute, memorandum, précis, draft, The marginally annotated sneer, When to write […]

the poet laureate

Timaru Herald , Issue 171, 22 May 1920


May 19, 1923 IN DEFENSE OF A MODERATELY HIGH BROW   By ROBERT LYND It is not at all easy to defend one’s tastes against people who read the books that everybody is reading. They are offended if one refuses to read the books; they are still more deeply offended if one reads them and […]

limitations of fiction

WRITING LETTERS by robert lynd

New Statesman – Apr 12,1919 WRITING LETTERS     It was announced during the week that Mr. J. M. Hogge, M.P., answers some 2,000 letters a week. His record is said to be 807 letters in three hours. Those of us who find it difficult to answer even one letter a day cannot but envy such […]

RARE FRIENDSHIPS by robert lynd

RARE FRIENDSHIPS (“Scandalmongers” in the book “It’s a fine world”) Scandal at its finest is the truth that we tell behind a man’s back because it would be unkind to tell it to his face. It is truth in its humanest form. I have many friends who would be deeply pained if I told them […]


July 7, 1917 CONFESSIONS OF A REPUBLICAN By ROBERT LYND     IMMEDIATELY a man dies for what he believes, everything he has said or written assumes a new value. One feels that, however his beliefs may have quarrelled with one’s own, he has at any rate put an honest signature to his work. His words are […]