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A PUBLIC SERVANT by R. J. P. HEWISON Of erudition full, with due degrees, He wore his learning with conspicuous case; And, that no hint of don in him he found, Pressed both feet firmly on pragmatic ground. Pest-master of the bureaucratic craft— The minute, memorandum, précis, draft, The marginally annotated sneer, When to write […]

Burton, Lewis, Carryl


Oct 11, 1913 THE IMPORTANCE OF BAD MANNERS IT has been the custom for many years—probably ever since the grandchildren of Adam captured their first slave—to deplore the increasingly bad manners of the “lower classes.” During the past week a lady has published a book in which she describes the horrid effects which residence in […]

THE POET’S MISSION ~ hall caine

 (Chambers’s Journal, Volume 5) 1846 THE POET’S MISSION. Weaving light fancies, lay a youthful poet, Idly extended on the sunny grass, Listening unto the brook that ran below It, Watching the cloudlets o’er the blue sky pass. Sleep fell upon him, and a low voice stealing, Breathed his own songs—vague dreams, ideal woes ; Until […]


1931 SAFETY FIRSTBy ROBERT LYND “SAFETY First,” says General Seeley in Fear, and Be Slain, “is a vile motto.” There was surely never a more undeserved attack on a piece of ordinary common sense. No one, so far as I know, has ever attempted to exalt the motto into a golden rule. Ii is a saying […]


I suspect that many (I said many, not all) of those who like these posts don’t even read them. I remember once I posted a text that was longer than the average articles displayed here and someone “liked” in no less than 30 seconds.BOB LYND has a page on Facebook. LIKE it: https://www.facebook.com/robertwilsonlynd Next: Another terrific […]


March 24, 1917 BOOKS ABOUT BOOKSBy ROBERT LYND     “I LIKE books about books,” confessed Charles Lamb. Mr. Arthur Symons, who quotes the sentence in Figures of Several Centuries adds the comment that this is “the test of the book-lover.” Of books about books none has been published in recent years, with the single exception of Henry James’s Notes […]