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Burton, Lewis, Carryl



Nov 22, 1919 THE MORALS OF GAMBLING     IT is an unfortunate fact that the moralists almost always rush in to denounce the wrong thing, or—to put it less ambiguously—that they almost always denounce things on the wrong grounds. What innocent pleasure is there that they have not made war on in the past? They […]

BIRDS (1915) By Katharine Tynan

The New Witness BIRDS (1915)By Katharine Tynan       The long, low eighteenth-century house is swathed thickly in green, which affords cover for the starlings. Their queer, long, courting whistle went on through February and March—no chance of sleeping late of mornings—and now they are engaged in feeding their families. I do not know any […]

Peaceful Poverty – By ROBERT LYND

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix – Oct 23, 1948 Peaceful Poverty In a world in which so many people want more and more money it is a pleasant change to hear of a married couple in Huntington, West Virginia, who want less. Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Adams, of that town, we are told, recently took part in […]

“Women and Children First” By Robert Lynd

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix – Sep 18, 1948 Women and Children First A fortnight ago I decided to give up smoking. This was not because of the price of cigarettes, or because they are difficult to obtain; but because the smoker’s throat that has been my companion off and on during most of my life cannot stand […]


The Mercury – 4 January 1933 THE VICAR’S WIFE WRONG CALLS BY TELEPHONE. “I have seldom sympathised with exhibitions of temper at the telephone” (writes Mr. Robert Lynd in the “News Chronicle.”) “The only person with whom I ever really sympathised as an infuriated receiver of wrong calls was a vicar’s wife, whose number resembled […]

Unfortunate Millionaires

The Leader-Post – May 26, 1948  Unfortunate Millionaires I have grown fairly callous as my age has crept nearer Methusela’s but, I confess, my heart was wrung as I read of those unfortunate millionaires whom Sir Stafford Cripps is taking to the tune of 28 shillings in the pound. I never used to believe Mr. […]