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A PUBLIC SERVANT by R. J. P. HEWISON Of erudition full, with due degrees, He wore his learning with conspicuous case; And, that no hint of don in him he found, Pressed both feet firmly on pragmatic ground. Pest-master of the bureaucratic craft— The minute, memorandum, précis, draft, The marginally annotated sneer, When to write […]


Preface of James Connolly: Portrait of a Rebel Father (1935) JAMES CONNOLLY AMONG the sixteen men who were executed after the failure of the Irish Insurrection of 1916 there was no nobler or more heroic figure than James Connolly. It was not necessary to share the faith for which he died in order to realise what […]

Burton, Lewis, Carryl

the poet laureate

Timaru Herald , Issue 171, 22 May 1920

THE POET’S MISSION ~ hall caine

 (Chambers’s Journal, Volume 5) 1846 THE POET’S MISSION. Weaving light fancies, lay a youthful poet, Idly extended on the sunny grass, Listening unto the brook that ran below It, Watching the cloudlets o’er the blue sky pass. Sleep fell upon him, and a low voice stealing, Breathed his own songs—vague dreams, ideal woes ; Until […]


1931 SAFETY FIRSTBy ROBERT LYND “SAFETY First,” says General Seeley in Fear, and Be Slain, “is a vile motto.” There was surely never a more undeserved attack on a piece of ordinary common sense. No one, so far as I know, has ever attempted to exalt the motto into a golden rule. Ii is a saying […]


May 19, 1923 IN DEFENSE OF A MODERATELY HIGH BROW   By ROBERT LYND It is not at all easy to defend one’s tastes against people who read the books that everybody is reading. They are offended if one refuses to read the books; they are still more deeply offended if one reads them and […]