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A PUBLIC SERVANT by R. J. P. HEWISON Of erudition full, with due degrees, He wore his learning with conspicuous case; And, that no hint of don in him he found, Pressed both feet firmly on pragmatic ground. Pest-master of the bureaucratic craft— The minute, memorandum, précis, draft, The marginally annotated sneer, When to write […]

Burton, Lewis, Carryl


Nov 1, 1913 THE LEVITES SOMEONE, we believe, has divided the human race into three sexes—men, women, and clergymen. The great ages of the world have been those in which the men and women regarded the clergymen with suspicion. The gloomy ages of the world have been those in which they bowed down and worshipped […]


 Oct 25, 1919 THE DEVIL THOSE who suffer from melancholy to such a degree that even to go to a music-hall seems a cheerful experience may easily find themselves one of these nights listening in the heart of London to a chorus in praise of the Devil. The chorus runs something like this: Give the […]


Nov 22, 1919 THE MORALS OF GAMBLING     IT is an unfortunate fact that the moralists almost always rush in to denounce the wrong thing, or—to put it less ambiguously—that they almost always denounce things on the wrong grounds. What innocent pleasure is there that they have not made war on in the past? They […]


Jan 24, 1914 ON TELLING THE TRUTH There has been a good deal of discussion on Truth in the correspondence columns of THE NEW STATESMAN in the past week or two. It is extraordinary, however, how few people there are who realise how difficult a job it is to tell the truth. Not merely the […]


June 1918 ONCE UPON A TIME By ROBERT LYND     ACCORDING to William of Malmesbury, the day on which the Battle of Hastings was fought was a “fatal day to England.” One does not gather, however, that when the Normans landed at Pevensey they broke in upon an earthly Paradise. The English during this part […]