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Preface of James Connolly: Portrait of a Rebel Father (1935) JAMES CONNOLLY AMONG the sixteen men who were executed after the failure of the Irish Insurrection of 1916 there was no nobler or more heroic figure than James Connolly. It was not necessary to share the faith for which he died in order to realise what […]

Why Scotsmen are Irish

Kilmore Free Press – 31 January 1929 Why Scotsmen are Irish There have been many complaints lately of the immigration of Irishmen into Scotland. Dean Inge in England has echoed the Scottish complaint, and has warned his countrymen of the danger of admitting “low-grade Irish” into Great Britain. It is all the more important that […]

Holiday in England – By ROBERT LYND

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix – Sep 11, 1948 Holiday in England I wonder how far visitors to England this year have been disappointed in their holiday. Perhaps, having heard of England as a land of perpetual fog and chill, they were pleasantly surprised to find that, even while they were being drenched with rain, the landscape was […]


New Statesman – 28 January 1933 Finger-Prints It always seems odd to me that any man who has not committed a crime and has no intention of committing a crime should object to having his finger-prints taken. Some people would probably say that any prisoner who puts up a fight with the police rather than […]