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Oct 11, 1919 LO, THE POOR BOURGEOIS! IF there was one feature of the great railway strike more melancholy than another, it was the figure cut by a certain section of the middle-classes. For our part we have always been impatient of dull gibes at the middle-classes—gibes that are the boast of the artistic and […]


Nov 1, 1913 THE LEVITES SOMEONE, we believe, has divided the human race into three sexes—men, women, and clergymen. The great ages of the world have been those in which the men and women regarded the clergymen with suspicion. The gloomy ages of the world have been those in which they bowed down and worshipped […]


           May 13, 1922 IN DEFENCE “THE BEGGAR’S OPERA,” said Mr. Maurice Hewlett in the Times the other day, “is a decadent night’s entertainment, spiced for jaded appetites, like devilled bones after a revel.” It is strange how deeply one resents such a criticism. It is a criticism it might have […]


1931 SAFETY FIRSTBy ROBERT LYND “SAFETY First,” says General Seeley in Fear, and Be Slain, “is a vile motto.” There was surely never a more undeserved attack on a piece of ordinary common sense. No one, so far as I know, has ever attempted to exalt the motto into a golden rule. Ii is a saying […]


March 1914 HOW IT STRIKES A CONTEMPORARY     THE publication of a biography of Ouida may serve to remind us that it once was more the fashion than it is to-day for people rightly or wrongly believing in their own genius to behave accordingly, and to import into their everyday behaviour some of the colour and music […]

Holiday Reading: BOOKS TO TAKE AWAY

West Gippsland Gazette – 21 October 1913 Holiday Reading: BOOKS TO TAKE AWAY      On the whole I think the best literature to take away with one on a holiday is to be found in a railway time-table and a guide-book. And by a guide-book I do not mean one of those eloquent volumes […]

Which Three Would You Choose?

The Mail – 19 Aug 1939 Which Three Would You Choose? Recently the Seafarer’s Education Service offered a prize for an essay on the old subject, though without the usual reference to a desert island. Officers were invited to submit essays on the subject “If you were restricted to three books, which would you choose, […]