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Oct 11, 1919 LO, THE POOR BOURGEOIS! IF there was one feature of the great railway strike more melancholy than another, it was the figure cut by a certain section of the middle-classes. For our part we have always been impatient of dull gibes at the middle-classes—gibes that are the boast of the artistic and […]


Nov 1, 1913 THE LEVITES SOMEONE, we believe, has divided the human race into three sexes—men, women, and clergymen. The great ages of the world have been those in which the men and women regarded the clergymen with suspicion. The gloomy ages of the world have been those in which they bowed down and worshipped […]

If You Know What I Mean – By ROBERT LYND

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix – Sep 4, 1948 If You Know What I Mean Mr. Bernard Shaw has been appealing to the government “to appoint a select committee to settle our political nomenclature.” He thinks, quite justly, that it would be a good thing if we were all to “use the same words for the same thing […]

Mr. Shaw on Words

The Leader-Post – Nov 25, 1948 Mr. Shaw on Words Mr. Shaw expressed a wish some time ago for an authoritative dictionary of political and quasi-political terms so that the meaning of such words as “Democracy,” “Communism,” “Socialism” and “Capitalism” might be established for all of us. Such a dictionary can never exist outside dreamland. […]

Walking for Health

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix – May 29, 1948 Walking for Health Recently died an eminent man who believed that most of the bodily ills from which men suffer could be prevented by walking. In modern times more and more people seem to take to walking as others of us take to patent medicines, and spend hour after […]

The Joy of Work

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix – May 22, 1948  The Joy of Work  I see that a Polish miner, Wincenty Pstrovski, who has just died at the age of 41, is to be given a state funeral in recognition of his success in introducing the Stakhanov system into the Polish mining industry. He increased his normal output by […]