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Oct 11, 1919 LO, THE POOR BOURGEOIS! IF there was one feature of the great railway strike more melancholy than another, it was the figure cut by a certain section of the middle-classes. For our part we have always been impatient of dull gibes at the middle-classes—gibes that are the boast of the artistic and […]

Peaceful Poverty – By ROBERT LYND

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix – Oct 23, 1948 Peaceful Poverty In a world in which so many people want more and more money it is a pleasant change to hear of a married couple in Huntington, West Virginia, who want less. Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Adams, of that town, we are told, recently took part in […]

Unfortunate Millionaires

The Leader-Post – May 26, 1948  Unfortunate Millionaires I have grown fairly callous as my age has crept nearer Methusela’s but, I confess, my heart was wrung as I read of those unfortunate millionaires whom Sir Stafford Cripps is taking to the tune of 28 shillings in the pound. I never used to believe Mr. […]

Luxury or Necessity?

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix – Mar 27, 1948  Luxury or Necessity?  One evening during the week a number of young men appeared in the dining room of a London hotel and exhibited posters while one of them demanded of the dinners: Why was this hotel allowed to spend £22,500 when families are living in squalor in the […]

Signs of Wealth

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix – Jan 10, 1948  Signs of Wealth  “Why did you think he was well off?” a witness was asked in court the other day, “Well,” replied the witness, “he’s the only man I know who can afford to eat brazil nuts.” This, as a standard of wealth, was new to me. Fifty years […]

If I’d Had a Fiver…

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix – Jan 3, 1948  If I’d Had a Fiver…  Some of the things we read in the papers about the world in which we live are almost as hard to believe as the things we read in fairy-tale books. I find it hard to believe, for example, that a boy of fifteen can […]