From Essays of the Year 1930-1931 Argonaut Press THE ESSAY     EVERYONE who has hitherto attempted has failed to produce a satisfactory definition of the word “essay.” The reason for this failure is simple enough: it is that an essay may be almost any kind of shortish piece of prose for which no other name can be […]

New Statesman – , 1929 THE GODDESS     A famous actress died not long ago, and it was easy to see from the comments in the newspapers that many now middle-aged men in Fleet Street had been her adoring slaves in their youth. An odd thing about these comments was, however, that most of the […]

A PUBLIC SERVANT by R. J. P. HEWISON Of erudition full, with due degrees, He wore his learning with conspicuous case; And, that no hint of don in him he found, Pressed both feet firmly on pragmatic ground. Pest-master of the bureaucratic craft— The minute, memorandum, précis, draft, The marginally annotated sneer, When to write […]

Preface of James Connolly: Portrait of a Rebel Father (1935) JAMES CONNOLLY AMONG the sixteen men who were executed after the failure of the Irish Insurrection of 1916 there was no nobler or more heroic figure than James Connolly. It was not necessary to share the faith for which he died in order to realise what […]

Oct 11, 1919 LO, THE POOR BOURGEOIS! IF there was one feature of the great railway strike more melancholy than another, it was the figure cut by a certain section of the middle-classes. For our part we have always been impatient of dull gibes at the middle-classes—gibes that are the boast of the artistic and […]

Feb 21, 1914 LUCK THE man we were talking to made no attempt to deny that it was most absurd that a law should be in force which could award (we do not, of course, prejudge the result of the appeal) £13,000 to a “common informer,” who had not informed anybody of anything they did […]